LDS Living Contributor!!


LDS Living September/October 2016 Issue

I know this is a photo of Steve Young, retired football player.  But in the upper right hand corner, above Steve’s head, it says, “Fall Pumpkin Recipes”.  And that’s where I step in.

Last fall, a friend sent me a Facebook message that LDS Living Magazine was having a pumpkin contest, and that I should enter.  I got to work creating pumpkin goodness: pastas, sauces, dips, burgers, bakes, pumpkin custard pie…all told, I submitted 10 recipes to the magazine.  And then heard nothing.  I finally emailed them in January, asking what the results were.  They said they didn’t receive enough submissions to go through with the contest, but they wanted to feature my recipes in their next fall’s issue.  I was thrilled, to say the least.

I didn’t tell anyone, in fear it really wouldn’t happen.  But they kept in touch with me, asked for my photos to go with my recipes, and then sent me a draft copy so I could make sure it was all how it was supposed to be.  My recipes, my photos, in print!!  And they mailed me 5 extra copies, so I could mail them out to my fan base.  My mom got 3.  She asked me to sign them, too…{I didn’t do that}

My favorite part?  Being listed in the table of contents as an “LDS Living Contributor”.  The magazine came out on the one-year anniversary I’ve had this blog up and running.  And I’m a contributor.  This is me smiling.