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When people find out we eat mostly plant-based, the top two questions we always get asked are, “So, do you eat, like, just salad?!”, and, “How do you get protein?”  As for the protein bit, you can head over to my Why Plant-Based? page.  As for what do we eat…I guess that’s why you’re here, getting ideas!  If you typically cycle between chicken, beef, and pork, I hope you can find some fresh ideas for your meatless Mondays!

I say we eat mostly plant-based because I do cook a few meals a month with meat.  Our daily diet includes whole grains, legumes, pastas, fresh fruits and veggies, and we drink almond milk, but I’m not calling us vegan, because we occasionally eat eggs, and who can resist honey greek yogurt (not me), or a fresh mozzarella caprese salad?  And I have to have my nightly  occasional dark hot chocolate with half and half because it’s creamier, and when I bake I use “normal” ingredients.

As far as eating goes, I really try and avoid extremes–never eat that, only eat this, etc.  I really like the idea of intuitive eating (not emotional eating), and eating fresh and clean and whole–and you’ll notice the more you eat fresh and clean and whole, you’ll intuitively crave eating that way.  When I really listen to myself, I crave fresh, crunchy green salads as much as that once-a-month chocolate binge.  I  worked as a Medical Assistant for 10 years, and after getting my Bachelor’s in Community Health, taught as  Medical Assistant Instructor, so I attribute much of my health-and-nutrition-learning-and-loving to that background.

We have two boys under the age of five, and just in case you are wondering, they eat like normal kids under the age of five: they take two bites per meal, then run around like crazy.  I breastfed my babies until they were one, and I homemade all their baby food.  They had incredible baby palates; they ate lentils and roasted butternut squash and salmon like the best of them.  And I don’t know what happened, somewhere between 2 and 3 and–poof–noses turned up.  I always give them a bowl of what we’re eating for dinner, and they usually decline the bowl of goodness in favor of peanut butter and honey, hot dogs, grilled cheese, cookies, etc. (although I will say 75% of the time, they are getting tofu hot dogs and veggie burgers…my oldest will ask if I’ve made the “cheeseburgers with the carrots and yucky lettuce” inside, and sometimes he’s happy about that and sometimes he isn’t).  There is one exception:  I insist they have at least one smoothie a day.  We load up our smoothies with fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, grains, yogurt, etc.  I am just waiting for the day they will eat us out of house and home!


My aim in creating this blog is to showcase satisfying meatless main dishes you can easily throw together without having to totally change your pantry.  There are so many plant-based/vegetarian/vegan food blogs out there, and cookbooks I love using.  I also want to use this blog as a resource-site and direct you to other blogs and cookbooks that will help you in your journey for finding, preparing, and eating whole foods and more veggies.  Welcome to eating mostly meatless and adding some meatless main dishes to your routine!


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