4 my readers

I found this list on a number of other food blogs, and thought I would continue the tradition, helping you get to know me a little better!

4 Jobs I’ve Had:

  • Mama in chief (current)
  • Medical Assistant Instructor
  • Waitress
  • Yearbook Page Layout Coordinator (not sure on the specific title…and, to be honest, as it was a night shift, details are a little blurry and I don’t remember much about the job description, either…)

4 Places I’ve Lived

  • Virginia
  • Pennsylvania
  • Brazil
  • Utah

4 Places I’ve Traveled To

  • Italy
  • Dominican Republic
  • Route 1 along the Oregon Coast (a road trip totally worth taking!)
  • DisneyWorld in Florida (one time only, ever!)

4 TV Shows Categories I Love 

  • “Death Shows” (as my husband calls them; CSI: Las Vegas is probably my favorite)
  • Food Shows, mostly those aired on PBS
  • Historical Documentaries (I’m lumping Downton Abbey in this category)
  • Can anyone give me a fourth category to get into??  I think I’ve summed up everything I watch in three categories…

4 Favorite Books (I think I’m going for categories again, as I am a total bookworm–who can narrow it down to just 4 books??!!)

4 Favorite Foods

  • Summer: Nectarines  Winter: Oranges
  • Summer: Cucumbers  Winter: Roasted Winter Squash
  • Chips of any kind, but mostly those used for salsa-dipping
  • Seafood tacos
  • I’m sneaking a #5 in here, because foodblog: roasted salted nuts, especially pistachios

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